Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation video medžiaga

The role of WHO in stem cell transplantation (Prof. Jose Nunez, WHO)

Latvian experience in autologous HSCT for multiple myeloma (Dr. Ilze Trociukas, Riga, Latvia)

The role of autologous HSCT in newly diagnosed and relapsed myelomas in the context of new drugs (Prof. Laurent Garderet, Paris, France)

Is autologous HSCT enough for the treatment of multiple myeloma? (Prof. Gosta Gahrton, Stockholm, Sweden)

Case report: POEMS syndrome (Domas Vaitiekus and Laura Šinkūnaitė, Kaunas, Lithuania)

New techniques in mobilization (Dr. Vladan Vucinic, Leipzig, Germany)

Future of stem cell transplantation and cellular therapy (Prof. Dietger Niederwieser, Leipzig, Germany)

Autologous HSCT in multiple myeloma (Assoc. Prof. Rolandas Gerbutavičius, Kaunas, Lithuania)

Estonian experience in autologous HSCT for multiple myeloma (Prof. Hele Everaus, Tartu, Estonia)

Myeloma and the role of autologous HSCT (Prof. Jerzy Holowiecki, Gliwice, Poland)

The role of transplantation in lymphoma in the context of new drugs (Prof. Norbert Schmitz, Hamburg, Germany)

Autologous HSCT in solid tumors (Prof. Marco Bregni, Busto Arsizio, Italy)

Ruxolitinib for treatment of MPN and the role of HSCT (Nadja Jäkel, Leipzig, Germany)